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The Beginnings

Restaurant MKT magazine was created by Gregory A. Daniel, a man whose effort took him where it is right now. Gregory was born on Montreal’s west side of the city, in a family of values and sacrifices.

He grew up watching his mom cook for the family and that has always fascinated him. Gregory developed his mom’s cooking passion and since childhood, he used to copy her recipes for dinner.

Life Continues

He started by being a truck driver to pay his house debts, since his father passed away in a car accident. He had to sacrifice the dream of having his own restaurant to help his family, which was the most important thing.

After years of working, Gregory managed to invest savings in studying to become a chef. At the same time, he wanted to help other fine restaurants and promote their work by launching a magazine that talks about dining restaurants in Montreal.

Restaurant MKT Development

That’s how Gregory A. Daniel started handling his fine dining restaurant’s magazine. Restaurant MKT could manage to become a helpful tool for the most elegant food critics. It was even on the news!

Here the reader will find reviews of the fine restaurants in Montreal while giving fine menus ideas his mom taught him when he was a little boy. Besides, you’ll enjoy posts about wine list or how to pair them with fine food.

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