Canada’s 5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants

Nowadays fine dining restaurants are changing and adapting to a more modern era. Leaving white tablecloths behind, modern fine restaurants are focusing more on exotic meals, combining local flavors and simple atmospheres. Take a look at the best fine dining restaurants in Canada.


Toqué! stands as a solid fine dining restaurant in Montreal with the finest meals and drinks available around and it has been in the market for more than 25 years. Toqué! made a massive difference since it changed the way fine dining is served. They created an entertained atmosphere with dramatic seasonal cocktails and fresh fine food.


Clementine is very famous because of the huge stoked bar that appropriates the restaurant’s space. Although Clementine stands as a tiny restaurant in Edmonton, their solid statements about cocktails give it the status they have earned. Clementine combines delicate nature flavor dishes with specific cocktails that will blow everyone’s mind.


Botánico surprises us from Vancouver with a very vivid atmosphere coming from a fantasy story tale. Botánico is full of green walls and organic-themed decorations, combining perfectly with the colorful food that comes out of the kitchen. Don’t forget to take a look at the selected wine list of local producers.


From the very grounds of Toronto City comes Alo, which offers a unique fusion between seasonal flavors and local unknown wine producers. Chef Patrick Kriss matches perfectly the well-designed menus with the Victorian building style. Alo emerges as a fine dining restaurant you can’t miss when visiting the city.


Fairouz is bringing the Middle East flavors to Ottawa City. This fine restaurant mixes several herbs and spices to emphasize flavors. They use zaatar, pomegranate, and fava beans. Chef Walid El-Tawel recommends combinations like rabbits and mushrooms with seasonal cocktails, all served on outdoors for a more organic experience.

When visiting Canada, take note of this list and don’t be afraid of jumping into the fine-dining world. Make sure to explore each restaurant page first to know exactly what kinds of food are you expecting to be served avoiding unwanted experiences. Remember to call for reservations and be kind to the restaurant staff.