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At Restaurant MKT, we try to promote the best information about exclusive restaurants in Montreal. By becoming a donor, you would be able to enjoy our different fresh quality content we are offering every week. Find current topics related to fine dining and learn with us.

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By deciding to be a donor to our team, you will be seeing up close the process of preparing the digital magazine, keeping records or interviewing us about our knowledge.

Become a donor and you could participate in our workshops on developing a fine dining magazine, learning from us. Completely free. Being our donor has never been so good, you will love it and we will, too!

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In addition to all the advantages of being our donor, the best thing of all is that you will be able to participate every week in the raffles to fine dining in the most exclusive dining restaurant in Montreal.

When you join us, the system automatically will send you to a survey where your data will be taken to evaluate the right kind of prizes for you.

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On top of everything else, to make it even more exciting, we will publish your business on our platforms to help you grow together with us. Helping each other is the key.

A long list of donors help us maintain this business and our trained staff works hard every day to offer you the best information. We love what we do and we want to share it with you. Join us today!